Youth And Literacy – Is It Mission Impossible?

Getting children and adolescents to go to school, seems to be difficult to its right, and getting them to study something is even harder. Even if you think about your schooling, the rebellion which goes hand in hand with youth seems to make it even harder for teachers to get their point across. However, the discipline in schools seems to decrease in year after year, so is it impossible to literate adolescents?

Why Is Literacy Important?

Literacy is important because it will affect all spheres of life of an adolescent who will become an adult in a short time. But, is it important to them? Of course not. It is because adolescents still lack the complex knowledge about the world that grown-ups have. To motivate them and approach them to literacy, we have to use a different strategy. We have to approach it to them in a way that they will understand and find cool even.

What Does The Youth Think About?

Just like any other adolescent, they certainly lack the perspective that would give them the complex understanding of the world, their future, and their education. Which is precisely why teachers, educators, parents, and other people who are involved in their education should step in and make it easier for them to improve their literacy. They are usually focused on their peer groups, belonging, the type of music and clique they could identify themselves with and of course preoccupied with the changes which are happening to their bodies.

How Is Literacy Approached In Schools?

The traditional approach which is used in many schools is a recipe for failure. It seems to put off a lot more adolescents and create the opposite effect. If we want to make children more literate, we have to gradually motivate them and steer them gently to the final goal.


What Changes Could Be Introduced?

We could ask them what kind of changes they would like to introduce. You will be surprised with their responses. In most cases, they are prepared to give you an answer what they would change and how they would improve the literacy presentation in schools. Also, it is a good idea to organize them and educate them through a form of art and expression. Music, drama clubs and writing clubs are all ways in which adolescents could improve their literacy, while at the same time find a way to express themselves creatively, meet new friends and belong to a club where they will connect with peers who share the same interest. These clubs and organizations will also give them a reason why they will go to school with more enthusiasm than ever before. Make sure you invest time and effort into organizing them in such clubs, and you will see their progress. Also, give them responsibilities, and you will see that adolescents are more capable than we give them credit. All you have to do is believe in them.