What Can We Do To Literate At-Risk Youth?

Getting youth back to school is certainly one of the main goals for our organization and a topic that we try to tackle frequently on this blog. However, what we are doing is not just bringing kids back to school, it is about securing them a future they deserve. With a stable routine, good education and motivation, these kids can move mountains. On the other hand, we fail as a society if we fail to give them the perspective of their abilities. This text aims to show you all the little things you can do to help improve the literacy and save the endangered at-risk youth.

Organize A Book Club

As a teacher or a parent, organizing a book club can be a way to motivate an adolescent to read more. However, it has to be the literature they would be interested in reading. There are so many books for kids and adolescents that they, in particular, would find interesting, and it is completely unnecessary to create this awful gap between ‘us’ and ‘them’ by presenting them with literature which seems dull to them. Making sure that the visitors of your book club get more out of the experience will make it certain that they will attend.

Donate Books To School Libraries

As a parent or just an interested member of society, you could start help make a difference today just by donating some books to the school library. Again, making sure that these are the books the kids would read will also help. So, make sure you donate some of your old books that you enjoyed reading as an adolescent, or even your magazines and comics. The popular literature could help educate children as well, even though they are not classics reads.

Connect With Adolescents Through Popular Culture

pop culturePopular culture is always an interesting topic for adolescents. We suggest that teachers and parents connect with adolescents by learning more about the culture that interests them. You need to keep an open mind and remember that adolescents look for things that will shock grown-ups. Learn more about them by learning more about the things that interest them, and you will learn how to get their attention.

Get Them Interested

If you want to get them interested, point them in the right direction. Do not start lecturing adolescents about the things they ‘have to’ know or do, or it will only have a directly opposite effect out of the one you wish to create. If you want to get them interested, you need to get their attention and motivate them to participate. Contrary to popular opinions adolescents will gladly participate in activities if you approach them the right way. Also, ask them for their opinion, adolescents are concerned with their ego and their peer group above all. If they are given an opportunity to get recognition from their peer group and express their ego at the same time, they will not squander it for sure.