If you would like to get yourself more familiar with our projects, priorities and main mission, this is the place. We hope to bring literacy and education back to youth and make them realize the importance of it, but we hope to do it in a cool and trendy way.


Our services aim to help people who would like to become more literate through the use of art and music. We aim at troubled youth and helping them achieve their full potential.

Literacy In Colleges

We hope to install the necessity of increasing literacy in colleges by approaching youth from a different perspective and hope to achieve success where traditional schooling has failed.

Literacy In Youth Events

We aim to teach youth how important literacy is by organizing youth events where pop singers and rock singers who are their role-models promote literacy and education.

Literacy In Popular Culture

We also fund popular culture projects that will attract youth and show them the importance of literacy.


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How Can We Improve Literacy?

There is a simple way to improve literacy, and that is to motivate youth to read in whatever way. Comics, popular culture, song lyrics, are no Shakespeare, but they could bring the written word closer to young people.


How Can We Improve Dramatic Arts?

We can improve dramatic arts by making it closer to youngsters. It is enough to read a line of Shakespeare’s work to understand the complexity of it. But if we were to bring it closer to them, perhaps they would be interested in it.

How Can We Improve Music?

Remember the music of your youth; there was always a shock value to it that made it different from what your parents would listen to. This is the way of growing up which is universal. We should not strive to improve it; we should just listen and understand that it is important to them.



This blog will be dedicated to all those youngsters who would like to read more and improve their literacy. We will also write about ways in which teachers, parents, guardians can help youngsters become more literate through music.